The Virtual Bead Works Software Support Request

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Where Purchased
Date Purchased

Platform Information

Operating System
Revision or Release #

To locate the Windows Revision or Release number, select:

Start ==> Programs ==> Accessories
==> System Tools ==> System Information

The Release information will appear similar to the following example:

Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222A

Description of Problem

Please be as detailed as possible.

Type of Problem
Using "The Bead Pattern Designer"
Using "AutoBead"

Error Message
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Other Error Description:

Problem Description

Please be as detailed as possible. Include the steps that led up to the problem.

For example:
    I put my new Combo CD in my CD-ROM drive and the Install Program
    did not start automatically.  When I tried using the...
    The program installed OK but when I opened it and clicked on the
    SetUp button...
    When designing a pattern from scratch, everything works OK.   But,
    when I opened a pattern generated by AutoBead the grid...

The more information you provide, the better my suggestions, for correcting
the problem, will be.  You are my eyes into what is happening on your system.