AutoBead Version 3.00
A program for
Converting Graphic Images and Scanned Photos
to Bead Patterns

"AutoBead" (AB) is a programs developed by The Virtual Bead Works, for automatically converting Graphic Image files and Scanned Images into Bead Patterns.  The program has two major functions, Image Processing and Pattern Generation.  The program has been designed as an "Add On" to our "The Bead Pattern Designer" (BPD) but can be used separately to produce and print patterns.

Patterns generated by AB and saved as image files , can be edited using graphic image software like "Microsoft PaintBrush", "Corel Draw", etc., or can be included in documents using Word Processors like "Microsoft Word," Corel Word Perfect, etc..If the pattern is saved in the special BPD format, it can then be edited by BPD.  AB was specifically designed to work with BPD and the two programs are packaged together.  The two programs it provides a powerful set of imagery tools, especially for "Beaders."

To use AB, images are imported into the Image Conditioning function using Windows Standard File Opening Dialog.  File formats that can be imported are: BMP, JPG, PCX and several others.  The Image Conditioner also accepts input from any TWAIN device such as digital cameras or scanners.  Once an images is opened by the program for processing, it can, at any time, be saved in the formats mentioned above.

The Image Conditioner has many tools for preparing the image for automatic conversion to a pattern.  The page previously linked here was out of date.  It is currently being updated.  Below is a link to a Pattern generated using this software.

Please check back in a few days to view the updated description.

View Clown Pattern.