The Bead Pattern Designer Help

The Help Window provides instant access to the User's Guide and Technical Reference.  Please read this entire page before linking to other pages.

The Help Pages can best be viewed full screen.  However, the Help Screen can be re-sized so that both the help page and "The Bead Pattern Designer" (BPD) can be visible on the screen at the same time.  Under certain conditions, this may become less than useful and you may need to view both BPD and the Help Pages full screen.  To switch back and forth between BPD and the Help Pages, use the icons on the Windows Task Bar.

Select Index from the Menu Bar, above, for a list of the subjects covered in the On-Line Manual.  The manual is organized in three major sections, the Sketch Pad and Tool Box, the Design Manager, and the Color Manager.

The Sketch Pad is where the design and editing activity take place using the various Tools in the Sketch Pad Tool Box.  The Sketch Pad Window is the first to be displayed when BPD is opened and is the main, underlying Window over which the Design Manager, the Color Manager and the Help pop-up windows appear.

The Design Manager Window is used to select and enter information to be used, by the program, to set up the pattern grid and to select and enter various User preferences.  The program "remembers" the settings and these settings will appear in the Design Manager Window the next time the program is opened.

The Color Manager Window is used to selects a color palette from those supplied with the program, select Delica colors, create a custom palette, and make changes to the palette currently being used to design a pattern.

The complete "Users Guide and Technical Reference Manual" is provided on the BPD or Combo CD-ROM.  Click HERE for instructions.

How to Print On Line Help Documents

On Line Help Documents can be printed by Right Clicking anywhere on a Document.  From the pop-up selection box, select print.  From the Printer Dialog Box, make the appropriate entries, set the Printer properties as applicable and then select OK or Cancel.

Selecting OK sends the content of the Help Document to the Printer.  Selecting Cancel causes a return to the Help Document without printing.

Other selections are not important with respect to "The Bead Pattern Designer."

How to Use the Help Documents

All Help Pages are linked together like Web Pages.  At the top of each of the following help pages is a Menu Bar that lists the main Help subjects on the page as well as a link back to the previous page and a link forward to the next page.

The link back is always on the far left of the Menu Bar and the link forward is always on the far right.  Between the back and forward links are links to the main Help topics on the page being viewed.  When a topic is selected by clicking on it with the left mouse button, the help page automatically scrolls so that the topic is viewable.  Should the Menu Bar scroll out of the viewing area, use the Back selection to automatically scroll the Menu Bar back into the viewable area.

At the bottom of each Help Page is a button with footsteps on it.  To use the help pages like a tutorial, clicking on the footstep button will take you to the next, logical subject.

Click HERE, or on the Footstep button, for the next Help subject, "Menu Bar File Selections."

For a step by step tour through the Manual: