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File Menu Bar Topics
Introduction Open ReOpen Save Save As Print Quit Design Manager

The File Menu Bar Selections

The Menu Bar File Pull down, shown on the right, has six selections.  Open, ReOpen, Save, Save As, Print and Quit.

Open and Save As selections access typical Windows Dialog boxes that allow entry or selection of Pattern file names.

ReOpen access a list of up to 10 of the most recently saved files.

Save, saves the current pattern immediately unless it is untitled.  Untitled patterns must be saved using the "Save As" selection.

Print accesses a typical Windows Printer Selection Box.

Quit terminates the program.

Open and Save As

When "Open" is selected, a Pop-Up Dialog Box, shown on the right, appears.

At the top of the dialog box, there is a "Look In" box.  Clicking on the box or the small, downward pointing, arrowhead at the right of the box will activate a pull-down list of all items on the Desk Top and the path to the folder that originally appeared in the box.

Items that can be listed in the pull-down list are: the Desk Top, Drives, Folders and File names.  Double clicking on any item in the list will open it or, alternatively, Click on it and then Click on the "Open" Button.  Clicking on any file listed in Selection panel will cause it's name to appear in the File Name box, beneath the selection panel.  Alternatively, the user may enter any file name that appears in the selection list with the same result.

Below the File Name Box is the Files of Type Pull down menu.  The files types listed in this Files of Type Pull Down are the only file types supported by BPD.  Clicking on a specific type shown in the Files of Type Pull Down will limit the display of file names in the Selection Panel to the type selected

To the right of the "Look In" panel are six buttons commonly found in Windows file dialogs.  For an explanation of the function of these buttons, move the mouse pointer over the desired button and wait a few seconds and a "Tool Tip," defining the function of the button, will appear.

The "Save As" Dialog Box is very similar in appearance.  To save with a new file name, the name must be entered in the File Name Box and a Subfile Type Pull Down.  The Subfile Type is preselected and cannot be changed.


When ReOpen is selected, a Pop-Up List Box will appear  The Recent Files List Box is shown on the right.

At the top of the list box, is an empty selection field  The selection field does not accept typed, text entry.  To fill the selection field, click on the desired file in the list below it  To open the file, click on the "Open" button  The List Box will disappear, and the selected pattern will be opened in the Sketch Pad.

To Clear all entries from the Recent Files List, select "Clear" button.  The list will be emptied, and the program will close the list box and return to the Sketch Pad.

To cancel selection, and exit the List Box, click on the "Cancel" button.  The List Box will disappear, and the Sketch Pad will be unchanged.


When "Save" is selected, the program checks the file name that has been assigned to the current pattern.  If the current pattern has been assigned a name, it will be saved immediately.  If the pattern is untitled, the program displays a cautionary warning as shown to the right.  It is not recommended that patterns be saved with the name "untitled." Use "Save As" to assign a name to a new pattern.


When Print is selected, the program turns control over to the Windows Printer Dialog Box.  This Windows Tool allows the user to select from any of the printers connected to the computer and to interface with the printer drivers supplied by the printer manufacturer.  Select "Properties" to interface with and use the printer driver to change some the printer's settings.  Selecting "OK" causes the current pattern to be printed.  Selecting "Cancel" causes the Dialog Box to disappear and no printing will occur.

Printer drivers are programs developed to translate the language of an application to a language the printer can understand such as Postscript, PCL, or Windows Printing System. You must have a driver installed to print.  Printer drivers also allow users to manipulate settings which affect the output of the printer. These settings or features vary from product to product but will typically include options for such things as paper handling, tray selection, and default font.


When "Quit" is selected, the program is terminated.

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