How to Print the Bead Pattern Designer Manual

The complete "Users Guide and Technical Reference Manual" is provided on the CD-ROM along with the program.  Also on the CD is a Free Copy of the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" (AAR) Version 5.0  AAR is needed to print a hard copy of the users manual that is on the CD because it is in the Adobe Portable Document Format (Type PDF).  To Print the manual:

      Put the BPD or Combo distribution disk in the CD-ROM drive
      The Installation program will start automatically
      If you do not have a copy of AAR, Follow the Installation Help provided
      If you already have AAR, exit the Installation program immediately.

Open AAR and using the "File" selections from the Menu Bar,find and open "BPD_Manual.pdf" located on the CD-ROM.  When the Manual is opened, select "Print" from the "File" selections in the AAR menu bar.  If you are unfamiliar with AAR, use the "Help" selection from the AAR Menu Bar for instructions and assistance.

Use the "BACK" selection in the Menu Bar to return to the Main, BPD Help.